Why I Love Being A Realtor

by July 15, 2009 • 3 comments

This is not really a tip more an explanation of what I like about being a Realtor since we are kind of taking a week off from our normal show and articles. When I was a little girl my grandfather and my dad were contractors and later we had a Real Estate company right on Rucker Blvd. I was not a natural born Realtor and when my dad suggested that I become a licensed Realtor I stomped to a class at the college very grudgingly. Curt (that is what we called him) asked me to get my license so I could do more than work on just our family owned stuff. I think I said something sweet like “over my dead body” Well I am very much alive and I am really loving what I do and can’t imagine not doing it.

I want to add that my father was one of the sweetest men and all the people that worked for him just loved him. I tell you all this because I was the only one that he ever fired. Somehow he did not think that I should get paid for filing my nails and going to lunch at the Mexican joint down the road. My father has been gone for years and somehow I ended up full circle but this time I am doing it with great joy and there is rarely time to file my nails.

I love being a Realtor and I have a problem knowing when to shut down the computer and my” Crackberry “and call it a night. I have met some of the most interesting people and had some of my most amazing challenges in this career. I laughed and got a little aggravated when a person blogged on one of my articles suggesting that she would love to know how much a Realtor makes by the hour. That is a number I really do not want to know!! What I do know that like many of my Realtor friends I get a thrill out of studying the market and seeing what is sold, pended and back on the market and all those wonderful price reductions. It is a thrill to meet new people all the time and be a part of their first home purchase or help them sell a home to move up to their retirement or dream home. In today’s market it is not so easy but it is satisfying when you help them sell that short sale that takes a load off their mind and their pocket book.

One of my favorite parts of this business is that it is always changing and if you are wanting a job that is never dull then this is the gig. I love my fellow Realtors and in spite of what you may think… most of us really like each other and we get a big rush to help our fellow Realtor. I love it when a Realtor calls me to ask me things about Wild Heron because I happen to know and love that place and they do the same for me when I travel into uncharted territory. A good Realtor is one of the hardest working people I know and learning to work with delayed gratification is a must in this profession especially if you have to have the green reward. Sometimes my reward is someone calling me up and thanking me for helping them find their home and how much they love it and many times the reward is just knowing that I am doing what I love to do.

I have a motto that I really strive to live by and you will see it on everything that I write and it is….”The only people we have to get even with are those that have helped us” My list is long and I hope yours is too. I used to wonder if I could make a difference by being a Realtor or maybe I needed to be someone in a field that was more giving. I have found that I can make a difference and this can be my mission just like any other. So I want to end with a heartfelt thank you to all my customers and all my Realtor friends and my precious people I work with that make this such a fun and exciting career. Thanks for watching TheBeachShow.com and Jason and I will be back in full form next week.
In the meantime, “I have to go file my nails”

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1 Suzanne July 21, 2009 at 7:47 am

Liar, Liar…you are SUCH a natural-born realtor! I have never worked with anyone who had a better knowledge of real estate or their community or who could pinpoint what their customer needed so accurately! I should know since the house we bought through you was not at the top of my list and now I am sooo thankful we worked with you and not someone else! As an added bonus that goes far beyond any business deal, I am thankful to call you my friend! See you in August at our (absolutely perfect for us) beach house!!


2 karen smith July 21, 2009 at 8:03 am

Wow what a way for someone to start their day. I was thinking this morning of how thankful I am to live at the beach and do what I do. I guess it is kind of easy to sell something you love because you want others to enjoy it too. You are right my favorite favorite part is the friendships I get to make. Lucky me!!! See ya in August.


3 Glenda McLemore August 16, 2009 at 4:54 pm

Just wanted to say – You speak words exactly as I do! As a Broker/owner of a new company and starting out this year in Port St. Joe – I have always had a “glass half full” personality! And boy you wouldn’t believe some of the people who have come to my office just to ask if I was ok – You mean in this market you are opening a new RE Brokerage?! My response was directly – there’s no time like the present, besides with all the inventory, low interest rates, and being on Florida’s Gulf Coast – how could I at least not try?? Besides, for almost 12 years I have dealt with one side or the other in the Real Estate world. I have dabbled in development, worked with the Army Corp & DEP, and I have a Contractor’s license to boot! Anyway, from one strong woman to another I think you are great!
I think for once the Jim Cantore may have underestimated Claudette! I live on the gulf and this is crazy!!
Glenda McLemore
g3 Realty Group, LLC
420 Reid Avenue